Thanks for visiting my blogsite.  I am a man who enjoys living a rich and varied life.  I have been fortunate to have had many fascinating experiences in my travels largely because I become restless with one job or activity and yearn for something new.   I am at a stage where writing, about whatever strikes me on any given day, has become my passion.  Just as my life has been wonderfully eclectic and filled with amazing gifts, I feel compelled to put down on paper my thoughts about a variety of topics. I love all forms of writing and for me transforming the joys and struggles of day to day existence into a story or poem is like a revitalizing, healthy drug.

I draw on my own life growing up in Brooklyn New York, my days as a high level athlete and my fifteen years practicing orthopedic surgery in Portland, Oregon.  I love horses and worked on an active quarter-horse breeding ranch for a couple of years. In my spare time I study and sell fine Swiss watches and am passionate about collecting vintage and modern time pieces which I enjoy photographing and writing about.


All writing involves mental time travel.  A few years ago, when my watch collecting hobby was in full swing, I started writing about certain watches in my collection.   I found the exercise of pondering a watch and its associated history as a tool during a certain era to be fascinating.  Blend this with the power of the imagination  and and stories abound.    Film is also a love of mine as well as music.  Very often inspiration takes on a multi-disciplinary form where memories collide with an object like a watch while music or film adds elements to shape and color thoughts so they can be molded into novel sentences that jump onto the page.  When that happens there is a touch of the spiritual in the mix and when I am fortunate enough to experience moments like that I wring my hands to the sky in joy and offer gratitude for the beauty of this life.