I’m put here for you

built for you

to understand you

and feel your emotions in my sinews


put together stitch and loop

organ and extremity for you

to hold that candle

I hold it for you

in the dark

so I can show you your thoughts are profound

your intuitions genius folded into alarm bells

raining rivers of emotions to live in

while you read the torrent of my dreams

mix and decipher my raw thoughts


I am a man

put here to find you

I pout and stomp my feet

without you

I am designed to

follow your scent into any crevice

any secret passage

corridors hidden from everyone

into scalding nightmares

I hold you tight

while you scream

and dream bold elliptical shaman’s dreams

in my arms.


I am that man put here for you

I am as sure of it as the sun

I hope you understand