“This is a sad story but an all-too real one. The intense imagery and surreal word selections only serve to magnify the emotional currency of how love is bought and discarded and abused by people who employ the same life or death urgency in destructively obliterating love as they do in nurturing and forming love. “

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Found Notes From a Medical School Think Tank


Reluctant love hides in the honeycombs of subtle, often imperceptible, actions that allow another person in.


A type of love expressed by one unconvinced but persuaded to believe it.


This allowance merges unspoken vulnerabilities where disquieting emotions temper their waves into a reprieve that forms an unconscious island obscuring and floating over the labile emotions that otherwise find their own disruptive voice.


There are those inner elevators and spirals descending and clutching renegade emotions spawned from vigilant distrustful thinking, carriers of that which starts as an outlier, that become capable of taking down systems of feeling and emotional arrangements previously neatly positioned like a white picket fence around a seemingly healthy relationship.


One person is a pathological liar and the other refuses to remain convinced.


Then the next thing you know a violent toxic emotional spill is spewed at your lover bathing the whole affair in radioactive destruction.


Make-up sex may still be an option at this point but it is unlikely.


A quicksand for these tumbling thoughts and emotion quickly traps the makings of a new growing land mass pulled up into the hell spring like an unleashed buoy emerging in its own blood and insidious vitriol.


This seems to erupt out of nowhere


And there is nothing anyone can do about it


Down beneath there is no periscope and the nosedive is all fear and gut punch presaging abandonment.


If only two people could be nice and rekindle a fraction of the friendship


Instead each braces against the crushing waves of distemper like hyper-vigilant pugilists


All systems bust


The quicksand starts to seep into both mouths and black slime envelops like tar without a likeness into the moment


A time of extinction


At this point there are no words


There are only bifurcating boomerangs of shrapnel and artillery shells timed to travel a new basis with unrelenting launch points


Art fades and music fuses desultory bass tones onto fatigued endorphins


Words climb farther onto the bland keys lining cobblestone streets where descriptors move even farther away from being able to describe reality


A bilateral self-centeredness lances opposing egos onto bayonets carving up a smokescreen impression that holds a bizarre reality in its palm


All this degrades into a ham-fisted attempt reflected in a hall of distorted mirrors


Cocksure attitudes emerge presaging the death-knell


A digging in of one side’s heels is a pathetic atonement and a mendicant’s salvage


Both will soon look through tortured webbing of the bare winter tree’s latticework yearning for change to slow its crushing wheel


Each erect and majestic pine cold it its unsuppleness will aspire to scrape the sky’s mist like a soldier crying in your ear.


Delusions loom large from one side


An attached loyalty is only a splash of acidic graffiti on the heart


Attachments guard the rabid dogs protecting their headlong and despairing free fall


Sometimes a song or swallowtail evokes a sign


A blind wanderer knocks on the abandoned farmhouse door becoming all four walls of the argument.


And the black liquid once again becomes the asphalt sheen coating the immobilized frames capturing a section of immediate time


All hope, in the end it jettisoned into acceptance and surrender