Vito on the cross!


It feels like a year

Inside the kernel of sleep

My life has changed overnight

But I am still the same man

I told you

I told you who I am

I handed you the broken bird

Grounded now

He can still fly


I miss your face

When you really look and search

I think of your face

Contemplate where your eyes

Find their inner conflicts

And color themselves


This opens new and strange thoughts about myself.


I’ve ransacked my emotions

My poems hurt me

While they love

I’m too sensitive

I’m too passionate


Do I have a friend?

I thought I told you my me

I’m an alcoholic

Sometimes I hide inside my pride

I feel you know where you hide

And change

And come out just different enough


I fail in my knowing,

I pray

I mistrust

I thought

I hope

I love unconditionally

I think

But ultimately yield

My desires to faith

The motive behind the motive

What is it?

Then there is

The axiom:


“Whenever I am disturbed, no matter what,

there is something wrong with me”


My hopes, my fears, my expectations, my hurt pride, my anger,


We live in the moment

We talked about this

Hours ago

We inhabit the moment

We have the moment

That is all

Every precious millisecond

Where time bends

Around the sculpted clay


There is nothing else



Faith and hope and dreams

Also live there in bits

These small pieces find their way in

Where promising things also

Merge with the conscious instant

You know this

It is not just the moment  alone




Devoid of life’s richness inside us


And inside the moment

Meanings glue together

Like the connections of love




Did I feel those meanings start to fragment?

Stop clinging and disperse into invisibility

Last night

The moment has to stay whole

Otherwise all of that will be afraid to come together


Nature can’t give it birth again

Especially when it has always been…