The Palm Trees

“You see the palm trees?”   “They tell you that you can do anything, be anything.”

                                                                              Terrance Malick “Knight of Cups”

When I took my first look at the palm trees

My mind surfaced from below

I became aware apart from me for the first time

Distinct from the boy who pretended to be

A separate free interior man

It was not just the palm trees

The day was filled with everything

That everything-in-it quality

Like a bubble blown from gum that never loses sweetness

Everything had a new expanse

Opening up

As if the sky had arms expressing

To all beings

All that is fastened and adherent to this world

An open-ended reach of the moment

Echoed across the continent

And now I was here

Among the animate and inanimate

All the births of myself before me

And now I was here

Like a shock-wave

A silver slice of sunlight’s blade

Opening me up to see

What I could be

I felt everything I needed

In those palm trees with their brushes

Painting the blue into the sky

Into fragment of light

That bound and wrapped my sensitive head

Softening the sharp corners

And blindfolding me so I could see

Tearing away the gray mist of doubting thoughts

A focus back to the beginning of now

That calmed those trees

While ushering me into an electric flood of fire

I could not go wrong

There is no prescribed plan

Only sweep and barter on recognition’s promenade

Where the palms rock in the sweet wind