A scene on a cloudy beach

A hand elevated to the sky

In religious fervor

To the setting sun

Spilling colors

Through the cloud’s veins

The pulse of the sky

The sand

Dripping through the hour glass

An index finger and a thumb

Rub against each other

Like a whisper

Sprinkling the spice of sand onto wounds


The sands gain strength in abrasion

As the waves refresh sorrow

Pouring dreams

Into the water’s foam edge

The green of money

Bubbles into ocean’s memory

Caressing bare toes

The waves open new emotions

The rocky bluffs

A dire bass drum

Sounding off inside the silence

After thunder

Creating novel instruments

Hardened and cylindrically brown

As seaweed washes up

Growing elongated tails

The whiplash of wisdom


The Dory roaring over the seas

A toy in the bathtub

Scripted from a storybook

Antennae finding new languages

An alien suddenly landing on the beach

Brake dancing on the sand

New architecture to surprise the dunes


Sea-life forever hidden

Abalone and its brother’s kaleidoscope

Foam caressing bare toes

A dog running in three circles at once

Barking into waves of fresh sorrow

Time acts with deliberation

As nets filter the congestion of the sea

Jello-mold of the sea

And yield gifts from storied depths

Churned up from a sunken time



Everything the world wanted

Here inside this moment

Captured and packaged

Heated and cooled

Clarified into bare existence

With a trapped essence

Locked into the membranes

Of mother Earth’s savage indifference

The rising dimension of a mounting wave

Pausing to contemplate

When all life was simpler