Her hair drifts into a fallen curl

Upturned at the edges of distinct straight ways

Finely nimble columns of shaded blonde

Ropes of mercury gilded along a secret expanse

Her hair lightly touched her shoulder

Like a million hooks into me

A liquid shiver along ribbons of metallic velvet

Head cocked at at an altered angle

Her whisper spoke of deft summer breezes

A rain song

Shudders of fallibility were trapped in her sadness

A shine borrowed from tranquil days

She couldn’t hide

Emotions shed into the flow of her hair

Elastic skin choked over her vertebrae

A stocking-mask taut over a burglars face

Spinal edges poked up through skin in her neck

Parting falling hair

Glistening river rocks

Where the current bulges into curves

Her skin speckled with small black spots

Raised islandic discs of beauty

Coarse hairs like iron filings

These rare insects of dermis

Were they falling from her hair?

Emotional droppings burnished into skin

Brushed with the palm fronds of her hair

I escalated the velocity of my glance into her

Breathing became rapidly shared

A tandem exchange of autonomic functions

Sweat beads multiplied under her eyes

She cocked her head back looking at the sky

I stood and with a firm sweep

Gathered all her hair in my hands and pulled

Her off her feet and into the air

Coming to rest on my shoulder

There was a slight purring sound as I walked home