The red sun

A voyeur

The melting sky

Electric yellow crowds the horizon

As it dims onto

Rolling curves

Voluptuous mountains

Evocative hills like breasts


Blistering up

Opening cracks in the sky

She sleeps

While she stores her emotions

Daydreams encapsulated

Memories of her storied life

Partitioned revelry

Travels come alive

Woven into dripping webs

From a secret life

Sad windblown trees

Echoing sideways

Missing the glowing moment

At action’s end

In postures of prayer

Swirling eddies of contained desire

Trapped yet coming alive

With new strategies

Stonework from far galaxies

Phallic in its measure

Pleasing pleasure’s center

Coiled and hidden below

Curling into the feathers of nature’s glove

Soft curves flow in both directions

Roots and purple swollen with tumescence

Blending shades with sunsets

Doors open between emotions

Columns bend into water wheels

Spilling desire’s plasma

Capturing an egg

Where a tourniquet becomes a kiss

The erotic erupts into rolling desires

As she casts over herself

A shield of innocence

Like a rope of yellow liquid

Forming a web

As her beauty bleeds into the sky