I thought about calling my sister

She was a bitch to me

The last time we talked

On the phone


I am sure she believes

She was loving me

In her admonishing ways

A love she can’t resist


So I went to Paris anyway

With fierce feelings

And dedication to the shape

Of my newly acquired life


I felt this new life

Overtaking me

Removed from everyone

Who assumed and thought

They knew the life

I had given them


And so I woke up

Really awakened

To a new trip

With guises left behind


A shedding of skin

Containing the men

Too worried with

The concerns of others


I ventured to a new time zone

Where the past

Diminished in stature

And dreams gave up haunting me


I stepped confidently

Onto the tortuous road

Igniting a future

Without a ripcord


I was soon asked to join

A familiar melting pot

Known to my grandparents

But new for today


Now under the arc-lamps

The wrought-iron apartment patios

Fresh on any boulevard

It doesn’t matter where


Any city my soul found itself

Took me in

New and free from bondage

With my ear to the ground

Eyes straight ahead

Seeing and hearing

For the first time