When they come for you it will feel like a friend

A lover

A confidante

Someone close to your heart

Your suspicions will be allayed

The strong-arm of deadly force

From other corridors of life

Will appear as a loving embrace

The face will be wiped clean of all aggression

A call will be made during a moment of need

Circumstances will have conspired

To place you

On an unstable ledge in life


The fear you already conceal

Will become rampant in your veins

Others who were close will abandon you

Sleep will be elusive

The stark dawn hours

When the sun exchanges places with the blue moonlight

Will find you still awake

Driving aimlessly

In the throes of insanity’s grasp

You will still be holding on

The dark underbelly of the world has you hooked

A noose masquerades as a lifeline

The mind still thinks

It knows all the tricks

You’ve made all the calls

So you put gloves on

Like you did as a child

When the icy cold bit you hard

On your morning walk to school

The loneliness inside you

Knows all the streets

And the empty faces walking toward you

And then you have your fill

The square beauty of the framed horizon

A landscape filed away as a child

Now becomes




Like an expressionist design

From your surreal dreams

Soon you become your own hypnotist

What is buried deep

Becomes real

Too real

A fervor overtakes you

As everyone around you

Knows how you know too much

And so

A close friend appears

Just when you give up hope and start to pray

A loving friend

Closer than anyone else

With open arms

All your dishonest moments flood back

Reminding you that others

Are hidden in the background

A surrounding scene that comes to life

And overtakes yours

Your last gasp for a slice of hope

Rallies against you

As you breathe

Your last breath becomes a horn blaring

As you slump over the steering wheel