Blood flows freely

Creating a new order of Man

Anarchic rituals designed to free thoughts

Independent and relieved of  attachments

The ultimatum misguiding marriage

Unions for union’s sake

Hailing from false prophets of emotional loneliness


Alien thoughts imbibing the fires of a new male elixir

Driven from a hormonal roost for power

Thoughts take on Young blood

Roam the macadam side-streets of  formative years



Thoughts turn twisted dreams back on reality

Nightmares enigmatically emerge from halcyon blameless days

Forces beyond control enter the desolate canyons of thought

Burrowing into deeper levels of the unconscious

Furtive targets point towards realms of childhood


Idyllic vistas

Swinging  onto plateaus

Waves joyfully drifting

Picture perfect and encapsulated in memory

Rising higher on the crests and troughs

Of the ripened tree bearing nefarious fruit

These are a boy’s Rites of Passage.

Pine needles dropped like breadcrumbs scouting the territory

Maple-leaf veins chart  the maps of hidden treasures

Nostalgic thoughts embedded in concrete firmament

The embodiment of teenage smoke signals


Games and tall-tales

Report back from a childhood as real as sun-kissed  snow

Exposing undercurrents of abstraction

Yet this powerful change is illogical

Born from hardened reptilian stripes on DNA

Forcing maturity one step from desperation

Turning the whimsical to the grievous

Lies mix with torpid desires hatching malevolent addictions

Unforeseen and unimaginable from the carousel of innocence


I read it all

It was foreshadowed many years before

In those books from humid east coast summer mornings

Wrinkled pages, yellowed from muffled wet-dreams

Lying awake with the whirring white-noise fans

Like a background soundtrack

Soothing the mist out of prepubescent imaginings